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The unique sound of ElectroPop duo Nicolas Saad and Shawn Pereira stormed the music scene in2020, wracking up a top 10, 6 top 5, and 4 #1 records on the Electronic iTunes Charts from their first two albums and are currently on over 12,000+ Spotify Playlists.
2019 saw the release of their first single “Moving To The Future” off the debut album “The Beginning” The song was chosen to be the official sound of BMW starting in Monaco (Playing in every new car

From their second album MOBU in 2020, the single ‘Deep Into Your Soul’ was immediately snapped up
by DJ Team, ARTBAT (who set the bar as the top artists on Beatport Electronic Music), helping catapult them onto every major ElectroPop DJ and radio station playlist. 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic, they were invited by IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO to record a set that
was aired in prime time on Bastille Day, July 14th, French Independence Day and returned for an in studio live set October 5th. With 16 million monthly listeners, the End of Code set was placed, and
still is, in constant rotation.

2022 had the duo teaming up with TUSK, the UK based charity headed up by Royal Patron, Prince William. Nico and Shawn were invited to perform and become Global Ambassadors with the likes of
Dave Matthews, Paula abdul, Josh Duhamel, David Yarrow Quinton Aaron. They fired up the turntables and entertained with a private set in the Hamptons at the estate of Gary and Amy Green.
The fund-raiser event was sponsored by NoBu and was the soirée of the season called Karibu Africa. Nico and Shawn performed until the police stopped the event.

Currently in the studio finishing their third album, having teamed up with Jack Tempchin ( Eagles and Glen Fry), Steve DuBerry (Tina Turner,Joe Cocker, Blue, The Jacksons). Steve Hart (Natasha Bedinfield, LibertyX, KimWilde,TheVoice).
<End of Code> debuted their first single of 2023 in Monaco at ‘Queen of Clubs Luxury Lifestyle’ private event, February 5th.
Single STREET SUGAR by End of Code – RELEASE DATE: April 21, 2023