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Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jacksonˇ¦s poetic lyrics, irrepressible vocals, and evocative musicianship are a faint reflection of the remarkable gifts that characterize Gary, Indianaˇ¦s native son. Born Toriano Adaryll Jackson, Tito spent his entire life enchanting music lovers with soulful harmonies interwoven with curvaceous rhythms as a member of Motownˇ¦s greatest discovery, The Jacksons (Jackson 5), and presently as a multi-faceted solo artist. Titoˇ¦s unyielding passion for blues, R&B, pop, and other music forms is the secret to his boundless energy and rare achievements in the ever-changing entertainment spectrum. In 1962, before the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons, Tito performed in a local group called The Jackson Brothers. After competing and winning in local talent shows in and around Gary, the precocious brothers were victorious again on the most prestigious amateur stage of all „o Manhattanˇ¦s Apollo Theater. In that same year Tito and his brothers made their first studio recording (local label), titled ˇ§Big Boy.ˇ¨ Not only did it turn out to be a local hit, but it set the stage for a partnership with Motown Records (1969) and subsequent appearances on the top-rated Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Soul Train, and later, their own primetime television series on CBS in 1976. In addition to this, Tito and his brothersˇ¦ soaring popularity with Americaˇ¦s youth was so captivating that they were captioned in a Saturday morning, ABC TV animation series. In 2009, The Jacksons are taping their much-anticipated cable television reality series The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, set for airing on A&E cable television for the 2009-2010 season. This special series is highlighted on movie screens everywhere before showings of This Is It, the hit film that chronicles Michael Jacksonˇ¦s final tour rehearsals. In 1976, the close-knit brothers eagerly signed with Epic Records and officially came under the name The Jacksonˇ¦s. In 1978, Tito co-wrote the songs ˇ§Everybody,ˇ¨ ˇ§Destiny,ˇ¨ and ˇ§Push Awayˇ¨ for his new record label. As a group, The Jacksonˇ¦s self-produced the Destiny album. Later, for the Victory Album, Tito produced, wrote, and sang on ˇ§We Can Change The World,ˇ¨ which was featured on their immensely popular Victory Tour. A father of three young men (Taj, Taryll, and TJ), known to the music world as 3T, Tito works closely with his sons. This is consistent with the fine direction that he received from his loving mother Katherine and his caring father Joe. In addition to working with sisters Janet, Rebbie, and La Toya, Tito has worked with countless musicians, singers, and producers, such as the preeminent production team of Gamble & Huff, LA Reid & Baby Face, and the versatile Howard Hewitt. One of the performing highlights of the remarkable career of Tito Jackson is the unforgettable reunion performance on one of histories most watched television specials, Motown 25. The show signaled a pivotal point in his dazzling career and an auspicious focus on the great one „o Michael Jackson. In 1997, Tito and his brothers (The Jacksons) were inducted into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Titoˇ¦s initial success with the recording masterpieces ˇ§I Want You Back,ˇ¨ ˇ§Never Can Say Goodbye,ˇ¨ ˇ§Iˇ¦ll Be Thereˇ¨ (best selling single in Motownˇ¦s history), and other mega-hits, is the genesis of an indefatigable trek into musical immortality. At this exciting juncture of his incredible career, Tito plans a series of recording ventures that will include a debut solo album featuring a caravan of styles. Although some of his numerous influences include blues greats Albert Collins and B.B. King, his musical tastes defy nomenclature. Some projects will include collaborations with his sonˇ¦s group, 3T, while other CDˇ¦s may involve his creative siblings along with collaborations from an assemblage of noteworthy artists. However, make no mistake about it, most of his work will consist of impressive solo projects with songs that are arranged, produced, and performed by Tito himself. Presently, heˇ¦s in the process of completing his new project for a 2010 release. By doing this, fans around the earth will experience the true essence of Tito Jackson as a premier solo artist and as one of music industries group icons. Tito and his band, sporting a frenetic pulse, will also rock the world again through a number of riveting live shows. The measure of Tito Jacksonˇ¦s influence is best captured by expressions such as these: ˇ§One of the kindest, more pleasant people in show business,ˇ¨ said a major entertainment publicist. Also, ˇ§Tito is very quiet and soft, but can be really strong when necessary. Heˇ¦s always there when we need him and manages to project an inner calm which is vital within a family unit,ˇ¨ said Michael Jackson. Those statements have proven to be consistently true through the ups and downs of the exciting but rigorous show business lifestyle. As an international artist, the demure Tito has garnered great respect from his peers and fans. His emphasis on fairness and loyalty in the music business community is a hallmark of his aplomb and selfless style. In the wake of the 2009 loss of the greatest recording artist, stage performer, and video performer in entertainment history, Michael Jackson, a 2010 world tour featuring The Jacksonˇ¦s inimitable music includes the United States, China, Canada, Japan and Vietnam. Additional dates may be included in the near future. Tito and his entire family wish to express their heartfelt gratitude for the mountain of support theyˇ¦ve received from around the globe. Titoˇ¦s love of music can be transcended only by his undying love of God, family, and friends. His mark on music history and the rich legacy that he established is one that has stood the test of time and is one that will flourish for as long as there is a song to sing!


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